About us

We are Maggie and Lesly, wedding planners and coordinators based in southeast Mexico.

We started this journey long time ago, Lesly have always been working in the tourist industry with experience in hotels, private events and corporate events and she fell in love of this world in her first wedding. Maggie began her career at events of publicity, movie premieres and social events, she discovered the industry of weddings went she move to Cancún and never look back, she adores the details and decor.

We met each other in Wedding Beautiful Worldwide Certification and after working in a few weddings and events we created this lovely dream.
S.O.S. Wedding planners is a company how works in the planning and coordination of destination weddings and customer events, a group of specialist with international certification and more than 5 years of experience.

We work to create inspired moments and memories that will last forever….

We help our couples and clients to make the best choices for the big day, providing the best vendors, venues and resorts.

Be ready to enjoy the paradise with your family, close amigos and the love of your life!


Trabajamos para crear momentos increíbles y recuerdos para toda la vida…

Nos especializamos es bodas destino y eventos personalizados. Contamos con un grupo de profesionales y expertos que te ayudaran a tomar las mejores decisiones para tu gran día.